Stephen Colbert Is “Shocked – Shocked, I Tell You!” At The Saints’ Bounty Scandal

  • Glenn Davis

When it came out last week that the New Orleans Saints’ defense had a bounty system in place that, among other things, rewarded players for knocking opponents out of the game, it was big news, but not necessarily surprising news. After all, football’s a violent game. We like watching hard hits. The guys who play like hitting hard. What was this bounty program, really, but a logical extension of those two facts?

But none of that stopped Stephen Colbert from putting on his best (mock) outrage last night, during his every-so-often sports segment, the Sport Report. Colbert just couldn’t believe players would actually get paid to injure other players… mainly because they get paid for that already. Oh, and as for the report of a $10,000 bounty on Brett Favre’s head – well, we’ll just say there’s a dick joke for that.

The Saints talk starts just after the three-minute mark below, but the prior segments – on Pete Weber’s freakout and the Danica Patrick/anchor controversy – are worth a look too. The Patrick segment even includes a David Beckham penis joke. Between that and Favre, real penis-filled night on The Colbert Report.