Stephen Colbert On “God’s Quarterback” Tim Tebow: “Evidently Denver Has Higher Standards Than God”

  • Glenn Davis

Even though Tim Tebow being really, really Christian isn’t exactly news, the Easter sermon he delivered in Texas wound up being a pretty big deal – such a big deal that both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report saw fit to mention it last night. While Jon Stewart, though, used Tebow’s presence as just another sign that Easter is way more fun than Passover, Colbert used the occasion to poke a bit of fun at the pastor of the church where Tebow spoke (who, of course, is named Joe Champion). That starts at the 1:30 mark:

The “God’s quarterback” name is more prevalent than we realized (Colbert’s response, though: perfect). Shows how good Tebow is at getting himself and his message out there, since if you took every quarterback with deep religious beliefs, you’d have yourself a whole mess of quarterbacks.

Really, it was a pretty sports/physical-activity-oriented night on The Coblert Report last night: in addition to the Tebow stuff, Colbert talked about his “shame spiral” caused by seeing an 86-year-old gymnast’s flawless execution, and he did push-ups with an old man. Loaded night.