Of Course: Lions’ Stephen Tulloch Seen Tebowing After Sacking Tim Tebow

  • Glenn Davis

That didn’t take long. Mere days after “Tebowing” became the newest planking-esque fad to take the internet by storm, it’s already being used in NFL games…as a celebration for sacking Tim Tebow. The practitioner above is the Lions’ Stephen Tulloch, who recorded one of the Lions’ two early sacks of Broncos quarterback/Tebowing inspiration Tim Tebow…then Tebowed right over Tebow. Tebow.

Alas, such low moments have been commonplace for Tebow so far today – as of this writing, he’s just 2-10 for 30 yards. The Broncos are still only down 10-3, though, so there’s a chance the Broncos will remain in striking distance long enough for Tebow to put together one of his patented fourth-quarter runs, allowing the Tebow debate to continue unabated for yet another week. We’re sure you’re all Tebowing in celebration at that thought.

UPDATE: Looks like the Lions did it again. Okay, guys, we get it, you look at the internet.