Watch: Bills’ Steve Johnson Drops Game-Winning TD, Uses Twitter To Vent At…God?

  • Glenn Davis

The Billslost to the Steelers 19-16 today, a crushing loss for a number of reasons. There’s the fact that beating the now 8-3 Steelers would have been huge for the now 2-9 Bills just for the upset factor, the fact that the Bills staged a furious second-half rally only to see it eventually fall short, and the fact that the game went to overtime.

But mostly, it hurts because the Bills had a golden opportunity to actually pull out the win in said overtime period, but receiver Steve Johnson dropped a perfectly-thrown ball from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. You’d expect someone to be pretty upset, given those circumstances…but Johnson might have taken it to another level.

He got on Twitter a while after the game, clearly still not over his role in the loss. Here’s what he said:


Looking over this at first, I wasn’t sure at whom he was lashing out, but as many others (including Chad Ochocinco) pointed out, it does indeed appear to be Johnson unleashing his frustration with God, and not a person, after the heartbreaking defeat – the tweets Johnson received after the game were mostly supportive, so he didn’t have much reason to hate people anyway.

Some people noted on Twitter that, after seeing athletes praise God so often after victories, Johnson was the first person they’d seen flip the script and actually blame God for a wrenching loss. It’s the first instance I’ve personally seen in real life, though one old Onion article (which, sadly, does not appear to be online) had a similar premise.

As for Johnson, here’s hoping he bounces back next week, and that he’s not too mentally shaken – after all, if a tough game is enough to get him to question his belief system, it apparently wasn’t too strong to begin with. Oh, and we’d advise him to take a bit longer of a break between the end of a game and signing into Twitter next time.