Stevie Johnson Fan Gets A Stevie Johnson Tattoo, Stevie Johnson Seems Amused

  • Tom Lorenzo

This is some serious dedication by one Stevie Johnson fan. I’m not sure it’s my job to explain how tattoos work, but all I can think about when I look at this picture is that this fan will now wake up every morning for the rest of his life with a photo of Johnson planted permanently on his right bicep. Yes, permanently.

I guess my initial thought is: what will this dude do if Johnson does something incredibly stupid, like quits on his team? Or what if he says and/or does something so outlandish that it goes against everything you, tattooed fan, believe in? It’s one thing to toss a jersey away or rip a poster off the wall, but to get a tattoo removed, well, that’s a whole other story.

I guess if anything, this fan can say that at the very least he got Johnson’s attention. Not only did he get to meet Johnson face-to-face, and show him his new ink, but he also had Johnson himself tweet a photo of said meeting to his followers. Now, was it worth it?

The tattoo itself is of Johnson’s head with the words “Why So Serious” trimmed into his hair–that phrase is a favorite of Johnson’s on Twitter, as we know thanks to the oft-used hashtag “#WhySoSerious.”

As I mentioned, Johnson tweeted a photo of the tattoo, adding the following:

“People Getting My Face Tatted On Them and I Ain’t Even Dead Yet…. #ThatShxtKray…”

At least we can say that Johnson recognizes “kray” when he sees it!

[Tweet Center, via @StevieJohnson13]