Stock Drop: 7 Fantasy Football Players That Hated the NFL Draft

  • David Gonos


With a couple hundred college football players being chosen in the 2017 NFL Draft, and a hundred or so more undrafted free agents signing with teams, there are bound to be some NFL veterans whose stock has fallen.

Well, Fantasy Football players are only interested in the skill position players, so that eliminates most of those players. Plus, we’re only interested in the very best of the skill position players – those that might not only start this season, but excel!

We tracked down seven Fantasy Football players whose draft stock has fallen a bit because they suddenly have a young buck taking away some snaps/targets/touches. And we discuss where they should now be considered in Fantasy drafts.

7 Fantasy Football Players Whose Stock Dropped After 2017 NFL Draft

We’ll be referencing the first 2017 Fantasy Football experts draft, which FNTSY held this weekend after the 2017 NFL Draft. Below is the audio podcast of that mock draft! This was a PPR draft for a 12-team league.

Photo Credit: Joe Robbins, Getty Images

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