Where To Watch The Super Bowl Live Online (Bonus: Stream My Bloody Valentine’s New Album)

  • Glenn Davis

Odds are that by 6:30 p.m. tonight, you’ll be parked in front of a TV in either your place or at a friend’s party, ready to watch the Ravens take on the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. But not all of us will be so lucky, and we are here to help these unfortunate few. So if you won’t have access to a TV this evening but will have the internet at your disposal, here’s what to do to to get your Super Bowl fix:

1) Go to http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/superbowl/live/player. They’ll have a live stream up and running starting at 6 p.m. Eastern time, with multiple camera angles and everything. (They also promise “all SB ads.” The Super Bowl – the one day of the year online streaming video is actually bragging about containing ads.)

2) For a more mobile-friendly viewing experience, NFL Mobile is also streaming the game. You can find the NFL Mobile app here (hope you’ve got an iPhone or iPad if you make this your choice).

Oh, and we’re sure streams will pop up in the usual illegal spots too (boy, seats in the first row sure are good, am I right?!), but these are WRONG and UNLAWFUL and HOW DARE YOU. Happy viewing, all.

… and now, in an even more dastardly attempt to get our search traffic juices flowing: you might have heard that last night, iconic Ireland-based rockers My Bloody Valentine finally released their first album since seminal 1991 classic Loveless, titled simply mbv. And not that I’m a music critic, but I listened last night, and to my ears (and without ingesting even one drug!), it… sounded pretty good! But hey, why listen to me when you can check it out for yourself in its entirety in the embeds below? Hope your shoes are nice and polished, ’cause you’ll be gazin’ at ’em in no time. Without further ado, all nine tracks.

1) she found now

2) only tomorrow

3) who sees you

4) if i am

5) is this and yes

6) new you

7) in another way

8) nothing is

9) wonder 2

Kevin Shields & Co. have still got it, no?