Study: All You Idiots Are Wasting Your Time Worrying About The First Round When The Second Round Is Where It’s At*

  • Eric Goldschein

*Wording approximate.

Did you tune in and watch the first round of the NFL Draft last night? Are you an NFL coach, GM or other team official who has been working to find the perfect first round choice for months? Are you a member of the media who has been analyzing whether Player X should have gone in the Top 10, because isn’t he really more of a Top 20 guy? Well, you’re a moron, according to a study by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Turns out we’re all wringing our hands and creasing our foreheads and booing our teams for no god damn reason. Turns out, all the good stuff is in the second round. Derp.

The analysis of the past 13 seasons shows that second-rounders provide 70 percent of the production of first-round picks but at just 40 percent of the salary.

“That’s a significant value and it tells me that general managers should give more value to second- and third-round picks,” said Craig Wills, the head of WPI’s Department of Computer Science.

The study also confirmed why certain teams are good and others are bad. For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been the most cost-effective team in the draft since 2000, with the Packers and Colts as the runner-ups. The Rams and Browns are the least cost-effective. See the correlation? (Cost-effective teams = good, non-cost-effective = bad.)

So if you’re disappointed with your team’s first round draft choice, relax — the true test comes tonight. As in, your team hasn’t quite fucked up yet… that’s what the second round is for.


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