Super-Accurate Patriots Kicker Stephen Gostkowski Super-Accurately Shanks The Game-Winning Field Goal

  • Joe Levine

New England kicker Stephen Gostkowski did some heavy lifting for the Patriots today. Four field goals and just one extra point? Usually when you’re talking about the Patriots, it’s the opposite. Perhaps that’s why Gostkowski blew the 42-yard game-winning field goal with one second left in today’s game to send New England to a 20-18 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

The worst part? It wasn’t even close.

The other worst part? Gostkowski is the most accurate kicker in Patriots history.

Oh well. I’m sure Bill Belichick won’t be too hard on his kicker for blowing it. What flavor ice cream do you think Belichick will buy Gostkowski after the game?

[The Big Lead]