The Super Bowl Blackout Mystery Has Been Solved! (Or Has It?)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You thought it was cyberterrorism, didn’t you? Those pesky cyberterrorists at it again, cyberterrorizing the Ravens and 49ers and football-watchers across the globe. You’re wrong.

It turns out, the very reason the Super Bowl XLVII blackout occurred was because the stadium’s power company installed a device to prevent blackouts. They are taking responsibility for preparing for the prevention of a potential blackout with a blackout-inducing device.

An electrical device that had been installed expressly to prevent a power outage caused the Super Bowl blackout, the stadium’s power company said Friday as it took the blame for the outage that brought the game to a halt for more than a half-hour.

I guess it should’ve been the Irony Bowl, not the Harbowl! New Orleans was just too prepared, was all. It was probably the same case for the Saints this season. Their defense was a sieve of historic permeability because they were too well-coached and too talented. So prepared for opposing offenses that they psyched themselves out.

The FBI had ruled out cyberterrorism as a cause.

That’s what they want you to think!

I, for one, didn’t know cyberterrorism was a word, or a thing. But now that I know, I’m not buying this. Isn’t this the same FBI that works for the GOVERNMENT? You know, the same GOVERNMENT that is KNOWN to have rigged the election? The same GOVERNMENT that is on TWITTER a CYBER APPLICATION on the web? It makes too much sense! The FBI is covering for our cyberterrorist government, who caused the blackout, sources say. You heard it hear first..

Committee member Jackie Clarkson pressed for such an independent probe. “We’ve told the public we’re going to have an outside investigation,” she said.

I sure hope so.

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