The Best Places To Order Food For The Super Bowl In 10 Different Cities Across This Great Land

  • SportsGrid and The Braiser

As you might know, a widely-viewed athletic contest is taking place on Sunday, and if you’re like most of America, you’ll be stuffing your face with as much food as possible while it’s going on. And we’d like to help you do a better job with that face-stuffing. That’s why we partnered with our culinarily-inclined friends at The Braiser and put together the list you’ll see below: our picks for food ordering, and/or catering, in 10 of America’s major cities. (We’d have liked to make a guide for every town in America, sure, but we have but limited man-and-woman-power, you see.)

So, below: 10 of the best eating options for that Super Bowl party we know you’re having. And if you don’t live in one of the areas covered, we hope what you’ll see at least provides you with some inspiration. Happy football-fooding, America.