Sweet Mother Of Pearl: The Manning Brothers Are Rapping About Phones

  • Rick Chandler

You’ve got to admire the guy who stood up in a marketing meeting and proposed this. He not only forever changed the way we watch football (kind of), but he just may have brought about world peace.

Who has time to fight when there’s this to watch? Peyton and Eli Manning, rapping about phones in a commercial for DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket. With cameo by their dad, Archie, wearing tighter pants than he has ever before worn. All in a New Orleans setting. There’s something for everyone here.

• Peyton and Archie in a hair salon.

• Killer rhymes. “Football on your phone, so now’s your chance. To have football on your phone and football in your pants.”

• Reference to Alexander Graham Bell.

• Sadly, no Cooper Manning.

• Peyton ‘Flock of Seagulls’ hair.

Is this real life?


The Peyton-Eli football phone rap commercial shall bring together a troubled nation.

Gifs via For the Win.