The Bucs Are Benching Josh Freeman For Mike Glennon, Will* Be Most Talented 0-16 Team In NFL History

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Mike Glennon BucsThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers thought they were a playoff team, a month ago. Now, they’re benching their former-first-round quarterback, Josh Freeman, for this dude.

OK, fine, I’m exaggerating about Greg Schiano tanking (you don’t tank when your job is in jeopardy). Josh Freeman has been awful this year (45.7 CMP%, 2 TD, 3INT, 1 FUM, 26.8 QBR), and he was awful at the end of last year. Since he randomly became awful, Josh Freeman has been Mark Sanchez, only less entertaining. He’s so bad you don’t even want to make fun of him; you just want to give him a hug.

So, who’s the new starter, other than the most-awkward actor in history? He’s Mike Glennon, a former top recruit, and a guy so talented that NC State didn’t mind letting Russell Wilson go so that he could start. Really.

But Glennon was a bit of a disappointment in college, and the Bucs’ pick of him in the third round got mostly bad reviews, from what I saw. The general consensus seemed to be: he looks the part in practice, but he’ll suck in games. You never know how a guy will respond in the NFL, and he’s surrounded by a decent offensive line, a great running back and two awesome receivers. So if he can’t succeed, you know he sucks, just like Josh Freeman.

I do hold out hope for Bucs fans, though, that the fact that he looks like an 11-year-old isn’t a mirage… that he’s actually 11-years-old and thus has infinite room for mental and physical growth.