Whoops! FOX’s Tampa Bay Affiliate Broadcasts Naked Buccaneers Player To Viewers

  • Dan Fogarty

It was just another Sunday afternoon in Tampa Bay — up until viewers of FOX affiliate WTVT got an eyeful of an unidentified (and naked) Buccaneers player.

After their team came away with another disappointing result, a 23-17 loss to the Tennessee Titans, citizens of Tampa Bay turned to WTVT for a post-game wrap-up. The station’s studio crew outlined the things that hurt the Bucs — costly turnovers, critical penalties, and the officials refusing measurement on a critical third-down play.

“Measurement.” It was a word we’d hear a lot of in the crew’s post-game wrap-up, and one we’d continue to hear after they sent it over to the Tampa Bay locker room for some player interviews. This would prove to be ironic, and you’ll see why in the clip below. Warning: this video is NSFW for accidental locker room nudity.