Now That We’re On The Subject, DeSean Jackson Made A Rap Video With Snoop Dogg

  • Jake O'Donnell

That “ice cold receiver” just got the cold shoulder from his current employer — the Philadelphia Eagles — and now he’s out on the street looking for a job to substantiate his claims that “I’m paid and my money straight.” Turns out, he might have had a gig in the streets all along. But don’t get it twisted, D-Jax will get a contract, it just won’t be the $10.5 million he was owed next season (because his production has slipped and he’s a purported L.A. gangbanger).

Money will still be straight, though. The same can’t be said for fellow football rapper Fred Davis, who’s got similar issues right now.

Potential suitors include the Jets and Raiders, who’ve had their share of bad dudes in the past. The Raiders are probably the ideal landing spot, seeing as they left L.A. amid a storm of gang violence that was closely tied to the Raiders’ “bad boy” identity.