TBT: 14 Old School NFL Logos That Actually Had Character

  • Eric Goldschein

boston patriotToday is Thursday, which means we must spend the vast majority of the day thinking about how cool the past was. Look at these Shawn Kemp kicks, for example. Those are cool.

With football season fast approaching, we thought we’d stop updating you on the present state of every NFL team and look back to when these teams were more than just a helmet, or a lightning bolt, or a bird’s face. Perhaps they’re afraid of backlash, but it seems like NFL franchises are adopting increasingly benign and boring logos. Back in the 1940s, and 50s, and 60s, and 70s, we had no such qualms. Kitsch wasn’t kitchsy, it was normal. We miss that.

So we went back through the logos on sportslogos.net to find some old school favorites, and came back with 13 logos that have since become relegated in favor of, like, literally a fucking helmet. An orange helmet, even though your team is the Browns. What’s the deal there?

Check ’em out and let us know what you think:


By the way, we did this with NBA logos last year, too.