So, This Article VERY Strongly Suggests That Kerry Rhodes Is Gay, And That’s Why Teams Aren’t Signing Him

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Kerry Rhodes is a free agent. Nobody will sign him, even though he played really well last year. If you take his words from earlier this year, that he’s not gay, this makes no sense. There are a lot of bad safeties in the league. Kerry Rhodes was good last year.


I’m a bit uncomfortable writing this, because: Yes, Kerry Rhodes has denied that he’s gay. But, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman recently published “The Inside Story of How the NFL’s Plan for Its 1st Openly Gay Player Fell Apart,” and it seems strikingly obvious that the player he won’t name is Kerry Rhodes.

Let’s look at the evidence.

From Freeman’s article:

Along with the initial player discussed in this article, there was a fairly well-known defensive back. He drew interest from at least one AFC team that knew he was gay. Coaches on the team were asked if they were OK with a gay player. They were. Some defensive players were casually queried, according to an official on the team. All of the players asked said it wouldn’t be an issue. They were not told the name of the player.

Kerry Rhodes is fairly well-known. He is a defensive back.

According to the team, the potential deal collapsed when the player wanted too much money. If that was the case—and there is doubt about that among gay-rights advocates—it stands apart from everything else league insiders are saying about an NFL which they know includes many gay players and not a single one who will publicly acknowledge he’s gay.

About two months ago, Deadspin posted an article, titled: “Now Kerry Rhodes Is Out Of The NFL Because He Wanted Too Much Money.”

Freeman has to be aware of what he’s insinuating, that Kerry Rhodes was set to be the first active gay NFLer. Could you blame Kerry Rhodes for insisting he’s straight if this was what happened?

Or when Steve Smith says something like this?

I don’t know Kerry. We don’t go in the same circles. We ain’t in the same circles. We ain’t in the same circles. I’ll let that be.

Maybe nobody has signed someone just because they’re worried about the rumors surrounding him. Drew Magary mentioned this in his very reasonable, “Is The NFL Blacklisting Kerry Rhodes?” Maybe he magically lost many steps in one year. Maybe he doesn’t care that much about football anymore and can’t convince a team to sign him. These things are vaguely realistic.

Throw in Kerry Rhodes bragging about supposedly having sex with Kim Kardashian as Kanye was doing the same (yes, this really happened) and the outspokenness of a dude that says he was Rhodes’ boyfriend (accompanied by a suggestive picture), and, well… you see where this is going. There’s fire. The smoke detector is going off.

It was a pretty curious decision to throw in “fairly well-known defensive back” into that B/R article, because, well, any reasonable person would assume that there’s a really good chance he’s referring to Kerry Rhodes.

Again, I’m not saying that Kerry Rhodes is definitely gay. But, look at all the circumstantial evidence. There’s quite a bit of it, and it all fits together pretty well.

I’m assuming this story will develop further, so stay tuned.