Jesus Asks Tim Tebow To Lay Off The Jesus Talk A Bit On SNL

  • Glenn Davis

Well, we were promised a Tim Tebow sketch on Saturday Night Live tonight, and finally, during the last sketch of the night, we got it. And those of you who guessed Taran Killam would play the cultural phenomenon/Broncos quarterback: you nailed it. And while Jason Sudeikis, whom SportsGrid senior editor Dan Fogarty guessed might play Tebow, didn’t land that role, he did manage to star in the sketch…as Jesus.

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And Sudeikis’ Jesus taught us some interesting things about this year’s Broncos team – namely, that the son of God is helping the Broncos win, but as those who’ve watched the Broncos lately might guess, He’s only doing it during the fourth quarter. Additionally, He’s a really big fan of the Broncos’ terrific kicker, Matt Prater, and expressed his admiration via something disturbingly similar to a Rick Reilly joke. What Jesus doesn’t like quite as much, though: Tebow talking about Him all the time. It remains to be seen if that will make Tebow hold off on the public faith displays.

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We were a bit worried at first that the sketch might get left on the cutting room floor since it came so late, so we were relieved it popped up at all – and as a bonus, we actually enjoyed it. On a night the show was, as a whole, a little too reliant on the nostalgia factor due to host/former cast member Jimmy Fallon (though there was something to be said for seeing all those familiar faces, to an extent), here was a sketch straight from the headlines, and not a bad one at that. Video below (by CJ Fogler), via NBC.