Watch Ted Ginn’s Two Touchdown Returns That Put Away The Seahawks

  • Glenn Davis

When the Miami Dolphins made receiver/return man Ted Ginn the ninth pick of the NFL Draft four years ago, fans weren’t happy. For the most part, his career has justified that skepticism. He lasted just three years in Miami, never topping 790 receiving yards. Last year with his new team, the 49ers, he caught just 12 passes. Ginn’s had his moments, but not enough to justify being a top 10 pick. Luckily for the Niners, though, he’s still really, really fast.

The 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks 33-17 today, and Ginn was entirely the reason San Francisco didn’t heave to sweat out the game’s final seconds. The Seahawks closed a 16-0 halftime deficit to 19-17 with just under four minutes to go, but right after that, Ginn did this:

A Seahawks three and out followed. On the punt, Ginn did this:

…and that was pretty much it. While we can’t say Ginn quite redeemed the Dolphins with this performance (especially since he’s, you know, not on the Dolphins anymore), he definitely did wonders for something that’s, for him, a lot more important: the career of Ted Ginn.