An Enterprising Woman Is Shopping Photos Of Terrell Owens Masturbating On Skype

  • Evan Sporer

The life of Terrell Owens is beginning to take quite a sad turn. After failing to be signed by any NFL teams last season, TO was playing in the IFL. But then recently, he was cut from his team. Then Grantland reported on the former Pro Bowlers “darkest days.” And now, Owens has another major issue to deal with.

TMZ is reporting that a woman is selling pictures of Owens masturbating on the Internet. The woman claims to have met TO on Twitter, and then engaged in some virtual Skype sex session with Owens. That is where she claims to have snagged the photos, which she is now shopping.

While TO continues to try to find a home back in the NFL, this is the kind of negative attention the 38-year old wide receiver was probably hoping to avoid.

[Via TMZ]