Ravens’ Terrell Suggs, To ESPN’s Skip Bayless: “Don’t Be A Douchebag”

  • Glenn Davis

The Ravens’ Terrell Suggs has turned into a somewhat regular foil for Skip Bayless on ESPN 2’s First Take. It works because Bayless will spew his intentionally inflammatory opinions (including those about the Ravens), and in return, Suggs will be his incredibly intense self. Ratings GOLD, we tell you.

But today, Suggs took it to another level. He went on First Take again, and considering his team just lost a shot at the Super Bowl yesterday, one might expect him to have been more ornery than usual. And it’s fair to say he was. Video evidence:

Even if Suggs was completely hamming it up: awesome. He said what, let’s face it, pretty much everyone wants to say to Bayless. Bayless’ persona is designed to make people want to say that, of course, but it’s no les satisfying to know that someone actually did it. Ball So Hard University must encourage bluntness, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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