Terrell Suggs On Dennis Pitta: “He’s So Beautiful, He’s Like A Unicorn Or A Minotaur”

  • Dan Fogarty

Terrell Suggs, the talkative Ravens linebacker who earned our eternal respect the second he called Skip Bayless a “douchebag” on TV, thinks his teammate Dennis Pitta (pictured above) is beautiful. And not just normal beautiful: mystically beautiful, like some sort of unicorn or minotaur or something.

Suggs has a well-documented mancrush on Pitta. Here’s a video interview where he gushes over the guy  (“I love Dennis Pitta”), and in a game last season against the 49ers, Suggs turned to a camera and impressed upon America the importance of Pitta, as only Suggs could:

“The white tight end. He’s American Express. He’s everywhere you want to be. Don’t leave home without him.”

On Sunday, Suggs’ Pitta fandom bubbled over after the third-year tight end caught a second quarter touchdown against the Raiders.

“There he is! He’s so beautiful, he’s like a unicorn or a minotaur.”

Man. Terrell Suggs loves Dennis Pitta.

[h/t Baltimore Sports Report, Ravens Official Site]