Texans LB J.J. Watt Got the Dolphins’ Snap Count From Hard Knocks, Though The Dolphins Probably Would Have Lost Anyway

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

All’s fair in love and football, and when you subject your shitty team to a program that will make sure their shittines is exposed far and wide, cognizant linebackers might pick up on the things that make your team tick. Then they will use it against you. At least that’s what J.J. Watt is claiming he did to the Dolphins.

The Texans’ linebacker, who recorded 1.5 sacks against the Dolphins Sunday, said on Pro Football Talk that he picked up on the Dolphins’ snap count from Hard Knocks. It’s not like if he didn’t that skilled wide receivers would miraculously turn up in the Dolphins locker room, or that Ryan Tannehill would know the divisional makeup of the NFL and everything would be just peachy keen in South Beach. But this is just another one of those pesky side effects that accompanies subjecting your team to undergoing training camp in front of ever-vigilant cameras.

What’s most unfortunate about the Dolphins is that Hard Knocks or not, they are pretty much the worst team in the NFL. They just underwent an awful summer, where a new head coach led a team that struggled with quarterback controversy and gut-wrenching cuts and trades (read: Chad Johnson). It was a training camp they’d soon rather forget, but thanks to the five-episode Hard Knocks saga, they cannot.

And as J.J. Watt points out, neither will the rest of the NFL.

[h/t Shutdown Corner, photo via Getty]