The 2013-2014 Interactive NFL Salaries Chart Is Out And It’s Awe Inspiring

  • Jake O'Donnell

Broncos Ravens Preview

Humbly brought to you by The Guardian, this interactive graph/Rube Goldberg device breaks down every penny spent on talent in the NFL. Below, we’ve posted the offensive and defensive salaries of each team — which are non-interactive, by the way :(. Notice how the Seattle Seahawks’ #1 ranked fantasy defense has only the #11th highest payroll, while the Philadelphia Eagles offense gets paid more than the entire Oakland Raiders.

Pretty interesting if you’re one of those Red Sox fans from the 90’s who used to argue that the Yankees bought all their championships — they did, but spending doesn’t necessarily equal success (see Vikings, Minnesota.)

(Scroll down for a financial break down of the Broncos/Ravens game.)

With tomorrow night kicking off the 2013-2014 NFL campaign, it’s only fitting that we take a look at the Denver Broncos and defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. For starters, despite Joe Flacco’s big offseason payday, the bread winner at the QB position tomorrow will DEFINITELY be Peyton Manning, who is owed $17.5M this year. Flacco’s only got $6.8M coming to him. More over, Ray Rice will be making roughly $2M more than Knowshon Moreno. Can’t you void contracts in the NFL? Can’t you hold out for more money whenever you want? Why haven’t either of these scenarios happened here? Because that discrepancy simply seems unjust.

NFL Salaries

Another huge distinction between these two teams is at cornerback. Often times, these salary break downs illuminate just how much money pass coverage costs, and blow everyone’s minds. Sure, they’re a lot of guys back there who need to get paid. And they are the last line of defense. But come on, you’re telling me there’s that much quantifiable evidence suggesting your #1 cornerback is worth $8M more than your #2? Apparently the Broncos do, because Champ Bailey is making $10.7M, while Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is making a measly $2.9M.

Obviously, contracts are contracts, and the last year of a small one is going to be different that the first year of a big one, but still: Football is weird when if comes to money. The particulars of these two teams is even weirder.

Consider that the Broncos have $5.7M sitting on the bench with Von Miller (suspended for weed, we think), and a $2.5M player of similar talent that SHOULD be filling in for him, but will actually be playing on the other side ball Thursday (due to a clerical error), and you almost start to feel bad for the billionaire who’s responsible for all this. But then you see how many players are making less than $1M this year, and you start to hate him again.

Here’s that break down, and some other interesting notes:

– The Broncos have 26 players making less than Peyton Manning makes in a game
– The Ravens have 34 players making less than Peyton Manning makes in a game
– Terrell Suggs makes more this year than all of the running backs in tomorrow’s game
– The Ravens pay almost every offensive position $8M total (except TE)
– 5 of the top 6 highest paid players on the field tomorrow will not touch the ball (except for fumbles, interceptions, deflections, obviously)