300: Teen Rager At Ex-NFL Lineman’s House While He’s Away, And the Aftermath That Will Surprise You

  • Rick Chandler

What do you get when you combine Project X and the Vancouver riots? This story, in which roughly 300 teens and other young’uns thought it would be cool to let loose and trash other people’s property. And as in the case of the hockey riot, social media made it possible to identify many of the culprits.

It happened in Stephentown, N.Y. over Labor Day weekend, when a bunch of kids broke in to the home of former New England Patriots lineman Brian Holloway and proceeded to throw a rager, pretty much trashing the place.

Of course this being 2013 brought to you by Verizon/T-Mobile, most of the perpetrators outed themselves on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Derp. Holloway combed through those media outlets and gathered as many photos and tweets as possible.

But instead of using the info to exact terrible vengeance in a Batman/Dark Knight sort of way, he created the web site Help Me Save 300 — an effort to identify and then try and help the kids at the center of the destruction. Holloway says he’s afraid that the drinking and drugging behavior seen at the party will ruin their lives, and he wants to stop that. Holloway:

“We need to take a stand and respond as a community. The next flash party, I guarantee you, is being planned right now, and it’s not going to be at my house. It’s going to be at someone else’s.”

Make no mistake, however: this is tough love. Holloway has gathered the names of the majority of the party-goers and has turned them over, along with dozens of photos, tweets and Instagram messages, to the sheriff’s department. Just as in the Vancouver riots, charges are sure to be coming.

On “Help Me Save 300”, Holloway recounted one especially sad piece of damage to his home:

One of the stolen items was a granite eagle, of great value to our family; it’s the headstone for my grandson, Dyanni who died at child birth. So I would really appreciate this student who has Dyanni’s Eagle would return it. I think she goes to Coho’s High School. In the tweet below, you can see her with Danni’s Eagle. It was stolen.

The eagle was returned (it’s unclear by whom). And some teens showed up recently to help clean up the house. But like the recent Jacksonville Jaguars’ “Sign Tim Tebow” rally, not many showed up.

The Times Union:

Holloway, who lives in Florida, said about $20,000 in damage was done inside and outside the home he bought in the 1980s. The intruders broke windows, urinated on carpeted floors, scrawled graffiti on the walls and left piles of garbage in the house and on the grounds.

Not only that, but now Holloway is getting threats. Yep.

Holloway has since posted about 90 names of kids he’s been able to tie to the party, angering some parents. “Yeah, I got some threats, you know, ‘We’re gonna get you, and we know where your home is,’ and you know ‘houses do get firebombed,’” Holloway told wnyt.com.


Anyway, here are a bunch of the photos taken during the party. Can you identify anyone? You can bet that many of the parents already have.