The 38 Sexiest Photos Of This Year’s Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

  • Jake O'Donnell

The Pro Bowl has slowly proven itself to be completely unnecessary. It’s not a real football game, players can still get hurt, and nothing whatsoever is at stake. But if there’s one redeeming quality, it’s that the Pro Bowl is an American tradition that celebrates the sport of football — kind of like how the Oscars celebrate film. What better way to honor the game we ruin our Sundays over, than by highlighting the single most important, unique component of the sport: The cheerleaders.

That’s right, there’s a showcase for the showgirls, or as the NFL puts it, “Some of the finest of the NFL’s sizzling sideline sensations also are awarded with a trip to the Pro Bowl.” Emphasis on “finest.” Here are the 37 sexiest photos of this year’s squad (courtesy of