The 49ers Invited Nate Montana To Minicamp, Which Is Kind Of Dumb And A Waste Of Time

  • Rick Chandler

Can Nate Montana follow in his father’s footsteps and be a San Francisco 49er? Answer: Try Again (stupid Magic Eight Ball). Answer: No. But the team invited him to minicamp anyway, young Montana having gone undrafted last week.

Anyone expecting Joe’s eldest son to make the leap from Div. II to the NFL Super Bowl runnerup should probably see a doctor and get their faculties, or their eyesight, checked. Nate Montana has not exactly shown signs of future NFL stardom thus far.

He did lead the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference with 2,480 yards and 19 touchdowns for West Virgina Wesleyan this past season. But that’s Div. II, and his stabs at Div. I have not been as successful.

And he didn’t even start for his high school team. Montana played for De La Salle High in Concord, CA — home to the famous 151-game winning streak — where he was a backup. He walked on at Notre Dame in 2008, transferred to Pasadena City College in 2009, returned to Notre Dame in 2010, transferred to Montana in 2011, and spent the 2012-13 season at West Virginia Wesleyan.

Then there’s this: In 2011, Montana pleaded guilty to reckless driving — downgraded from DUI — after being stopped and arrested in Missoula, MT.

So his invite to 49ers camp is probably more of a nod to Joe Montana than it is a nod to the future: a way to get the kid in the door for a couple of workouts and some free souvenirs. As a 49ers fan, I find that kind of distasteful, actually. I know its just minicamp, but an invite is still a golden ticket and should be reserved for those who actually deserve them, and not just based on name recognition.

His younger brother, Nick Montana, is considered the better prospect. His college career has also been circuitous — after excelling for Oaks Christian High School near Los Angeles, Nick played as a redshirt freshman at Washington in 2011, transferred to Mt. San Antonio Junior College in Los Angeles in 2012 and next season will play at Tulane.

For those keeping score at home: that’s four teams total for Joe (high school, college and pro), and a combined 11 for his two sons.