The Best 2014 NFL Free Agents For You To Get Your Hopes Up For (And Ultimately Crushed)

  • Jake O'Donnell

As the season winds down, you may find yourself already looking forward to next season — and we can’t blame you. There’ll be a ton of serious talent available next year. Does your favorite team suck at pressuring the quarterback? If so, you’re ears probably perked up when you heard that Jared Allen is looking to bounce this offseason.

[] “If I continue to play, you want to try to win a championship at some point,” Allen said Thursday. “Personal accolades can only go so far.”

“I don’t want to be chasing the ring. I want to earn the ring,” Allen added. “I want to be somewhere, and obviously, you’ve got to have parts in place and you’ve got to be contenders.”

Even if your team seems miles away from contending, a few key acquisitions can put a franchise in a position to get lucky in the playoffs — which is all you need to win a Super Bowl nowadays. Look at Chiefs, who went from worst to first last season with the help of offseason addition Alex Smith. We’ve ranked our favorite free agents for you to be excited about going forward, so that you can call in to your local sports radio show and badger the host about signing Aqib Talib and Jay Cutler.