The 13 Best Moments From Eli Manning's Epic Reddit AMA

  • Jake O'Donnell

Earlier today, New York Giants quarterback and preseason incomplete pass machine Eli Manning hopped on Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” session with the internet. Now, if you’re at all familiar with the format, you’d know that questions can gets a bit odd at times, and the weird ones are usually skipped over by whoever is being asked the questions.

Eli Manning, however, did not shy away from the stuff coming out of left field. In fact, he provided some of the funniest/weirdest content, like this little exchance:

Reddit: Out of all of the Manningfaces, which is your favorite?
Eli Manning: The “excited I just did a touchdown” one.

“Did” a touchdown? Hilarious. The 13 best Eli Manning AMA moments, below…