The Best Player On The Giants Is Their 31-Year-Old Washed Up Running Back

  • Eric Goldschein

brandon jacobsYou could call last night an improvement for the Giants, if you ignored the win-loss column. They played what some people might call “decent” against the Bears, up from their usual showing this year which has ranged from “not bad” to “OH, GOD, NO, PLEASE, NO.” They lost anyway, 27-21, and fell to 0-6 on the year (though they did cover the spread, as predicted).

It would useless to recount all the horrible things the Giants did last night, though Eli Manning and his three interceptions deserve special recognition. Each interception had its own story, and Eli wasn’t responsible for every pick — you could point to bad route running, or terrible pass blocking, and clumsy fingers. The turnovers, which ended up being the difference on the scoreboard as well as the stat sheet, are an indictment of the whole team.

Here’s how bad the Giants are: Brandon Jacobs is now their best player. All apologies to the big, angry back, but before last night game people were saying things like this:

And for good reason: Jacobs had looked slow and winded through his first games back, likely because, in his own words, he “hasn’t had a ton of work over the last four or five years.” And then he was given the starting role, on short rest, against the Bears defense, in Chicago.

His final stat line: 106 yards rushing on 22 carries, 2 touchdowns. The Giants hadn’t run for over 100 yards in a game all season.

Meanwhile, Eli scored as many points for the Bears as he did for the Giants.

Reuben Randle got bailed out by the refs after essentially giving the Bears the ball.

Brandon Marshall dominated the Giants secondary almost singlehandedly.

But Brandon Jacobs played well. He was certifiably good. That means the same guy who did this last week (via Deadspin):

…is now the team’s best player.

There’s always next year.