The Buccaneers Put Josh Freeman Out Of His Misery, For Now

  • Eric Goldschein

josh freeman

After trying to trade their once-franchise quarterback, the Tampa Bay Bucs have said goodbye to Josh Freeman by releasing him today.

And so ends a particularly awkward moment in Bucs history, in which they went from having an entrenched starter showing signs of progress last year to cutting said starter and replacing him with Napolean Dynamite. Freeman was looking for a trade from the moment he was benched, and now he’ll get the chance to pick his own destiny.

Who wants Freeman? Names like the Jets and Jaguars have been floated, because they have quarterback situations even less enviable than the one the Bucs just experienced. But while those teams might give Freeman a chance to start sooner rather than later, it would probably result in more drama and pain. Have you seen what it’s like to play for the Jets and Jaguars lately?

Here’s a crazy thought: Why not go play for a nice, stable franchise like New England or Denver or Arizona or Houston? Study under a good quarterback for a few years and then take the reins when appropriate. Just an idea.

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