The Cast Of Parks And Recreation Went To Lucas Oil Stadium And Played With The Colts

  • Jake O'Donnell

The Indianapolis Colts and Parks and Rec have teamed up on behalf of the NFL’s Play 60 campaign, which targets (among other important things) childhood obesity. We’re posting both the scripted footage from their day at Lucas Oil Stadium as well as the behind-the-scenes stuff because we want you know how truly awesome this cast is.

In case it seems a bit random to see Aziz Ansari in the same video as Colts owner Jim Irsay — the NBC sitcom takes place in the fictitious Indiana town of Pawnee. So technically they’re all huge Colts fans. And Irsay is nuts.

Our favorite part: When Andrew Luck asks Ron Swanson “How are ya?” and he reluctantly responds because he respects the QB’s talents. “I am Fine.”