We’re Hours Away From The NFL Draft And The Chiefs Seem To Have No Idea What They’re Doing

  • Eric Goldschein

The Chiefs have the number one pick in tonight’s draft, and they definitely know who they’re going to take. Unless they trade the pick. But if they don’t, they’ll definitely take someone. Even if he plays the exact same position as their best player, who will refuse to switch to the other side of the line. Sounds like this is going to go really well for Andy Reid and company.

An article on ESPN detailing the Chiefs’ draft day decision-making suffers from a severe case of identity crisis. Here’s the first line:

The decision on which player the Kansas City Chiefs will pick at No. 1 has been made, with general manager John Dorsey telling ESPN that he and coach Andy Reid are in 100 percent agreement.

And here is the VERY NEXT SENTENCE:

That assumes they don’t trade the pick as three or four teams inquired about the selection Wednesday…

And here is the end of that SAME SENTENCE:

…the plan is for the Chiefs to keep their decision secret — even after they’re on the clock — to give other teams one more opportunity to offer a trade for the No. 1 overall pick.

So: The plan is to definitely draft somebody, or trade the pick, and to hold out until the very last second so another team that is freaking out and thinking “OMG OMG please don’t take Eric Fisher, let me have him PLZ!” will finally throw some more draft picks at them and get them to trade down.

That will definitely fill whomever they end up taking with a ton of confidence. “Just so you know, Eric Fisher/Jake Joeckel, we were dead set on having you and are so happy you’re a Chief. But we waited until we were legally bound to draft you, in case somebody else offered us the chance at drafting some other people instead. No hard feelings. Welcome to Kansas City!

“Oh, by the way, we couldn’t trade Branden Albert, so we really hope the two of you get along.”

Having the number one pick in a draft that some are calling “the worst in 10 years” — that’s SO Chiefs, amirite?

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