The Colts Still Think Trading For Trent Richardson Was A Good Idea — Do You?

  • Eric Goldschein

trent richardson colts

Despite the lackluster results they’ve been getting out of him, the Colts reportedly still like the trade they made for Trent Richardson back in Week 3. An unnamed source told Ian Rapoport as much, and ProFootballTalk reported the story just minutes before the Colts kicked off against the Titans last night.

Bad timing: The Colts won, but Richardson rushed for just 22 yards on 8 carries — or 2.8 yards per carry, which happens to be his Colts season average. Meanwhile, “backup” Donald Brown punched in a couple of touchdowns and ran for 80 yards on 14 carries. Andrew Luck, the quarterback, had more rushing yards (31) than his own starting running back, for whom, you’ll remember, the Colts gave up a first-round pick.

Another painful stat: Brown’s longest run of the night went for 17 yards. Richardson hasn’t gained more than 16 yards on a run all season.

So after one season in ostensibly terrible Cleveland, where T-Rich almost ran for 1,000 yards despite battling rib injuries, he has only 377 yards through 10 games this year, most of which is behind a better offensive line than he had with the Browns.

At the time of the trade, most people thought the Browns were tanking and the Colts were upgrading their running game. Matt Rudnitsky, for the record, was not one of those people, though not because he thought Richardson was bad. Nobody expected Richardson to under-perform like this. Or perhaps he is performing to the best of his abilities, and his abilities have been revealed, and they are not first-round-pick material.

So if you were the Colts, would you do this trade again? Probably not. But if you were the Colts, and you made this trade, and you felt foolish so you had to pretend like you weren’t dying inside of shame, would you say that you would do this trade all over again? Probably.

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