The Denver Broncos Channel The Power Of Zubaz

  • Joe Levine

At 1-1 going into week 3, Denver Broncos fullback Chris Gronkowski knows his team needs to get its mojo against the Houston Texans. Desperate times usually call for desperate measures, but as ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported this morning, there’s nothing desperate about what Gronkowski did next.

In channeling the power of Zubaz, Gronkowski not only has all-but-guaranteed victory for the Broncos this week, he’s also spearheading a movement to bring Zubaz back to the mainstream in a big way. The Broncos are no stranger to social phenomenon; they went through Tebow-mania just last season. Here’s hoping the next story they find themselves in the midst of is how Zubaz helped them go 15-1 and win a Super Bowl.

I would also be willing to settle for one picture of Peyton Manning taking snaps in Zubaz.