The Dolphins Want To Host The Super Bowl On An Aircraft Carrier. Aquaman Approves

  • Rick Chandler

Proposal for hosting Super Bowl 50, as envisioned by a 12-year-old boy:

It started like any other Dolphins press conference, but just as executives began speaking, Bane burst in and took everyone in the room hostage. Then, he revealed his plan to hold the Super Bowl in Miami, on the deck of an aircraft carrier. And during halftime he would steal the game and move it to Cuba, holding it for ransom. Just try and stop him, Batman.

Would you believe that this plan is real? Kind of? Miami wants to play host to either Super Bowl 50 or 51, and since it doesn’t look like the Dolphins are getting public funding for renovating Sun Life Stadium, and they aren’t paying for them on their own, they’ve come up with another plan. NBC Miami:

The boldest part of the plan includes parking a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier near downtown Miami where a football game would be played on the deck.

Also included in the plan is an interactive video exhibit and extensive transportation plan that includes a water shuttle and railroad that would drop people off near the park.

“We’ve submitted the best bid that we can in every aspect,” Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said. “From a Dolphins perspective, we’re doing every thing we can.”

Wasn’t this the script to Waterworld?

The NFL is scheduled to announce the locations of the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowls on May 22. One of those may go to San Francisco, which in its bid included no warships or other boats. Houston (landlocked) is probably the frontrunner for the other.