The Empire State Building Is Lit Up This Weekend With… San Francisco 49ers Colors?

  • Tom Lorenzo

Well this is awkward. With the New York Giants set to play in their biggest game of the season today, the Empire State Building is lit up in the team colors of their opponent, the San Francisco 49ers. Ouch.

Donning the red and gold colors, the Empire State Building is lit up not in support of the 49ers, but in honor of the Chinese New Year, which happens to begin on Monday. Talk about terrible timing. It’s usually typical practice for the 86-story building to be lit in support of any one of the local sports teams in the midst of a major matchup. Like, say, the NFC Championship game.

With the Empire State Building having been lit up in the “Big Blue” colors last weekend, they decided that this week they’d opt to celebrate the Chinese New Year instead of recycling last week’s colors. I suppose you can make the case that they might have thought last weekend would be the final game of the season for the Giants, as they were heavy underdogs against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Nonetheless, as the team over at I Hate Lupica points out, the color slight might be a bigger deal than it would seem, at least on paper.

Apparently, these colors represent the “Year of the Dragon,” which may not be good news for the Giants. After all, the dragon, and its colors, are considered to be the luckiest symbol in the Chinese zodiac. How about that, Giants fans?

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