The Famous Browns Jersey Has Been Updated: Long Live Jason Campbell

  • Rick Chandler

Brandon Weeden, we will always remember you for your red hair, and your underhand interception in Week 6 … what some are calling the worst pass in NFL history. Despite all that, you have been immortalized on the Famous Browns Jersey, on display at Cleveland’s Brokaw Inc. ad agency.

But what’s this? A new name has been added to the litany of Browns’ starting quarterback futility, which began with Tim Couch in 1999. The team named Jason Campbell as the starter for Sunday’s game at Kansas City.

Campbell was initially thought to be Weeden’s backup but Brian Hoyer jumped him on the depth chart when Weeden suffered a lacerated finger early in the season. Now Weeden’s recent struggles have opened the door for Campbell again.

“He’s been productive, leadership, gives us best chance,” Rob Chudzinski said.

As you can see, Chudzinski is using as few words as possible to explain the Browns’ QB situation these days, because chances are it could change overnight, and why waste your breath?

And now, a question: how do you list Jeff Garcia on the Famous Browns’ Jersey if he were to make a comeback? Garcia, 43, said on WKRK-FM in Cleveland on Monday that he reached out to the team about just that.

“It’s funny, I actually reached out to the Browns and said, ‘Hey, if you need a guy to come in, work me out, take a look,’ ” said Garcia, who appears every Monday and Friday on NFL Network’s “NFLAM.” “I don’t know if people want me back in Cleveland, but I’m open to the opportunity.”

No word yet from Vince Young.

Meanwhile …

James Gordon Jr.: “Why is Jason Campbell running, dad?”

Lt. James Gordon: “Because we have to chase him.”

James Gordon Jr.: “But, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Lt. James Gordon: “Because he’s the hero Cleveland deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Browns Starting Quarterback.”

Photo via Brokaw Inc.