The Jaguars Are So Bad That They Might Show Other Team’s Games On Their New Video Boards

  • Zach Berger

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the process of installing 16,626 square feet of new video boards at EverBank Field. Team president Mark Lamping said that the Jags are considering continuously showing the NFL RedZone Channel on one of those screens during games. For those that don’t know, the RedZone Channel essentially jumps from game to game when offenses are nearing the end zone or something exciting is happening.

It is typical to have an out-of-town scoreboard at games and some teams air highlights from around the league between quarters or at halftime, but the idea of constantly airing games from around the league is a novel concept and has never been done before.

If something like this is going to get good reception from the fans anywhere it would be in Jacksonville, one of the few cities where it’s almost guaranteed that there is a better game going on than the one you’re attending. Jaguars fans will welcome the opportunity to watch any team but the Jaguars.

They’re also the perfect team to test something like this out because they very rarely get primetime games, during which no other games are going on to show on the in-stadium screens.

The Jaguars have decided that there aren’t enough distractions at an NFL game already between the blaring music between every down, the cheerleaders sprawled all over the sidelines, and the drunk guy picking fights in your section. I can’t think of any reason that this isn’t a great idea.