The Jets Agree On Something: Rex Ryan = Good; Everything Else = Bad.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

I know, the Jets are probably the biggest joke in professional sports and the headline, “Jets Want Michael Vick, Could Trade Mark Sanchez And Tim Tebow,” is just… yeah.

But while the quarterbacks might join offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff (who’s expected to retire), Sanchez, Tebow and owner Woody Johnson’s dignity on the way out of East Rutherford, it sounds like head coach Rex Ryan might stick around. At least if the players have a say, as they stand firmly behind Ryan, according to an anonymous poll by the New York Post.

While there is a moderate undercurrent among this cross-section of offensive players who harbor some resentment about Ryan’s devotion to his defense, believing the offensive side of the ball is sometimes neglected, we could not find a single player who flat-out wants Ryan to be fired.

To the contrary, some players said they respect Ryan more for the way he has kept the locker room from coming unglued the way it did at the end of last season when the Jets were also faced with playoff elimination.

The Jets might be a disgrace to professional sports on the field, but at least according to this poll, they are no longer a disgrace in the locker room. Baby steps.

“I could not imagine Rex not being here,’’ (Linebacker Bryan) Thomas said. “I promise you Rex is great for this team.’’

Even as a miserable Jets fan, I do agree with the players. Ryan’s defensive genius somehow kept this team … THIS BUTTFUMBLING ABOMINATION OF A “TEAM” … in the playoff hunt until a Week 14 debacle, even after Darrelle Revis’s injury was supposed to render the season a lost cause, the last straw amidst Santonio Homes’ injury, the managerial ineptitude and the drama.

People will probably laugh at the praise of anything associated with the Jets, but the fact is: a coach that can get to two AFC Championships and even sniff the playoffs with MARK FREAKING SANCHEZ as his quarterback is a mystical sorcerer genius that deserves ALL OF THE HEAD COACHING JOBS and NONE OF THE SANCHISES.

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