Lingerie Legends Football League Wants Tim Tebow To Become Its "Quarterbacks Coach"" />

The Lingerie Legends Football League Wants Tim Tebow To Become Its “Quarterbacks Coach”

  • Eric Goldschein

Again, it should be noted that its hard to draw the line between the LFL “doing something” and the LFL “doing something so more people will pay attention to the LFL.” But as publicity stunts go, this one is pretty hilarious.

Tim Tebow is in limbo now that the Jets have cut him and many people do not think he is a NFL good quarterback. Because at the end of the day, to be an NFL quarterback, you have to be good at things like throwing the football, reading the defense, withstanding pressure and making decisions. NFL teams recognize this. The LFL? Not so much.

Here’s an actual letter sent to Tebow’s agent from the LFL offices, in which Tebow is offered the role of “Quarterbacks Coach,” apparently for… the entire league? “Nationally” implies that, at least.

The man has been kicked around for years because he’s not good at being a true quarterback — so you offer him the position of teaching others how to be quarterbacks? They do say that “Those who can’t do, teach” but this is a combination of trolling, joking, publicity stunting and straight up insulting the likes of which I’ve never seen before.

At least make the guy a running backs coach — the league is chock full of big, powerful runners (or smaller, powerful runners) that could use his expertise.