The Lions Have Signed That Norwegian YouTube Kicker Dude, Because They’re The Lions

  • Rick Chandler

Will Kickalicious be the placekicker for the Detroit Lions this season? Of course you know about Havard Rugland — he’s the Norwegian dude who became famous on YouTube by kicking footballs from the beach into the ocean. That may not sound like a difficult thing to do — I’ll bet even David Akers could hit the ocean from the beach — but the video has more than 2.7 million views since he uploaded it in Sept. He called the video “kickalicious”, and we were just kidding before: in addition to hitting the ocean, Rugland also made some difficult kicks through actual goalposts (see below).

Rugland, who kicks left-footed, played amateur soccer before becoming enamored with footballs in 2011. After the video hit he was invited to work out for a handful of NFL teams, among them the Jets and Lions. Then, this happened:

And the team then wasted no time trying to drum up a cult following, a la the Rams’ Greg Zuerlein (Greg the Leg, Legatron).

This must come as GREAT news to the aforementioned Akers, who will be competing with Rugland for placekicking duties. From breaking the 49ers’ team scoring record in 2011 to dueling with Kickalicious for a starting spot with the Lions … how fleeting and weird is NFL fame.

However as Akers knows and Rugland may find out, in real games you don’t get multiple takes to get it right.

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