The Miami Dolphins Will Fine Players $10,000 For Going On “Unauthorized” Websites With Their iPad Playbooks

  • Dylan Murphy

The new iPad-playbook system is admittedly pretty cool, but you can always count on the NFL to slap excessive fines on its players whenever possible. This time, it’s the Miami Dolphins, who will demand $10,000 from its players if they visit “unauthorized” websites on their team-provided iPads.

So, what’s on this list of “unauthorized” websites, exactly? Well, The South Florida Sun Sentinel only mentions YouTube and Twitter, but we’ll assume Facebook and other social networking sites are off the table as well. $10,000 also seems egregiously punitive, especially when the Dolphins are the ones providing the temptation in the first place, and, you know, you could just take the iPad away from the offending player. And, iPad playbook or not, players whose minds were floating elsewhere during team meetings will probably remain in the clouds. So really, while the iPad may remove the hassle of overstuffed binders, it’s only encouraging the Dolphins to suck some more.

[South Florida Sun Sentinel, via PFT]