The New York Jets Offense Works Best When Nobody Has Any Idea What’s Going On (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

The New York Jets’ offense was beyond awful in last night’s loss to the Houston Texans, as per usual, as Mark Sanchez went 14-31 for 230 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. (Tim Tebow, according to ESPN’s infallible QBR, was 12.6 points more effective as a passer last night, going 0-1 for, you guessed it, zero yards.) But something good did happen when they threw the playbook out the window.

During one stretch late in the second quarter, as the Jets moved the ball down the field in the two-minute drill, Sanchez was slinging passes left and right for, yes, completions, and the offensive looked relatively functional. In of those hurry up sequences, new Jets receiver Chaz Schilens lined up on the right side as the offense readied to snap the ball. Except Schilens had no idea what was going on with the play call, so he looked at Sanchez and threw his hands up in confusion.

Worry not, Chaz! Sanchez ignored his curiosity and snapped the ball, and Schilens just sort of meandered out into the middle of the field on a pseudo-slant pattern. And Sanchez, playing telepathy with his receiver, threw him the ball for a 10-yard completion.

So the larger takeaway seems to be that some backyard bullshit is more effective than Tony Sparano. There may also be a metaphor here.