The NFL Has Made A Josh Gordon Decision, Can't Figure Out How To Break The News

  • Eric Goldschein

josh gordon

UPDATE: The league finally released their decision: Appeal failed, Gordon out for one year. More info here >

Original article below:

One of the biggest stories of the offseason has been Josh Gordon’s suspension. The Browns’ wide receiver received one-ban for failing another drug test, but his appeal process has dragged on way longer than anyone expected — especially since the league is supposed to issue a ruling within a “reasonable amount” of time. It’s been almost a month.

Turns out the NFL has actually rendered a decision. They just won’t tell us about it. Adam Schefter said as much on ESPN yesterday:

“Henderson” is league appeals officer Harold Henderson, who apparently doesn’t give a flying fuck about any of the following things:

-The fact that Gordon’s season, and ultimately his career, hang in the balance.
-The fact that the Browns are “impatiently waiting,” according to coach Mike Pettine, for the decision — and for good reason, seeing as how Gordon is far and away the team’s best player.
-The fact that fantasy players (read: almost everyone in the world, at this point) have also been waiting, hoping the decision will come down before they draft their team — or, that they didn’t waste a late-round pick on him.

Seriously: Gordon has the ability to alter the course of both the real and fantasy football season. He was the league leader in receiving yards last year, despite missing the first two games and playing for the Browns. His quarterbacks were Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell, and he still wrecked shit. He’s that good.

So what’s the hold up? An NFL power trip? Did Henderson forget how to draft a memo? Do they want to release the news on 4:20 for poetic reasons? Just end the drama already and let us get on with the season — or, not let Gordon get on with his. (Though if the full-year ban is upheld, we may see a lawsuit on Gordon’s behalf.) If you can’t figure out how to tell us, may we suggest… a tweet? A statement on the league website? Smoke signals? Anything will do, really.

By the way, we’ve covered what to do about the Gordon situation from a fantasy perspective, here.

UPDATE: Moments after we published this, Schefter posted this to his Facebook page, which includes another good reason the Browns are annoyed:

Browns sources are baffled as to why Josh Gordon ruling has taken so long and frustrated over where it could leave them and Gordon. If a year-long suspension is announced now, Gordon would miss all of next summer’s training camp under the policy. Browns sources said there would be an extreme amount of frustration in the organization over that ruling and why it has taken so long to hand down.

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