The NFL Is Gonna Try Out That 37-Yard Extra Point This Preseason

  • Jake O'Donnell

Goodbye 2-yard line. Hello 20.

Sounds like a pretty drastic change, huh? Well, from a kicker’s perspective it’s not really that much different. In 2013, kickers were pretty automatic from 30-39 yards out. While 22 kickers missed kicks from that distance, no one in the league missed more than three the whole season (Garrett Hartley and league attempts leader Nick Novak). By comparison, five kickers missed an extra point last year.

Bottom-line: The change WILL cause some wonky score lines, but probably less frequently than you’d imagine.

In all, kickers were 199/230 from between the 13 and 22-yard lines, which is good for 86% — a decent number considering some of those kicks were on hashmarks or in pressure situations.

The new extra-points will be, obviously, taken from dead center, and won’t have game clock issues that factor into traditional field goals, which you’ve got to figure will make them a bit easier. So will we see “icing” on extra-points? Hopefully.

Big misses? Yes.

Will there be almost no discernible change to America’s favorite sport? Most likely.

It will, however, look weird as hell for those first two preseason weeks.