The NFL Is Scrapping Those Pink Penalty Flags: It’s Back To Yellow Next Week

  • Rick Chandler

Congratulations, NFL: you’ve taken a cause that everyone supports, and made it objectionable. Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues in the NFL for Week 6, but without those pink penalty flags that caused so much confusion and derision last week. The NFL announced today that they’re going back to yellow next week.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora confirmed the move is an email to USA TODAY.

Of course the NFL first used pink penalty flags last season in a Dolphins-Jets game, after an 11-year-old girl suggested the idea in a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Wouldn’t that be a good idea, she asked?

Of course the correct answer to that is “No”, but Goodell, knowing that such a gimmick would play well in the media and perhaps take the spotlight away from some of the league’s serious problems, gave it the OK. But it backfired.

Not only was there much confusion last week over what was a penalty flag and what was a player’s pink towel lying on the field, the flags also gave off a bad vibe, IMO. You’re supposed to feel good about making people aware of breast cancer, and saving lives, right? But a penalty flag is a bad thing. Most people see one and curse at their TV, or throw nachos in the air, which land on the cat. I’d bet that’s not the image the NFL was seeking.

All the other pink equipment will remain during October, which is fine with me. But just because it’s a good cause doesn’t mean everything has to be pink. Show some common sense.