The NFL Network Mic’d Up Bill Belichick For An Entire Year, And We Get To See Him Cry

  • Dan Fogarty

The NFL Network wired Patriots coach Bill Belichick for sound for an entire year, and they plan on turning it into a mini-movie called A Football Life. This week they released their mini-movie’s trailer, and Belichick, who up to this point has been known mostly for his tactical genius and emotional barrenness, displays a surprising array of human-like personality traits.

Among the things we see Bill do:

– Laugh, on his boat.

– Cry, in the New York Giants locker room.

– Encourage, when he talks to Tom Brady.

– Joke, about performing open heart surgery on his childhood teddy bear.

All kidding about android emotions aside, this looks very good. A Football Life premieres on September 15th at 9PM. Here’s the trailer.

[A Football Life: Bill Belichick]