The NFL Schedule Show Is On Right Now, But Pretty Much Everything Leaked Hours Ago

  • Rick Chandler

Have you ever learned about your own surprise party, then have to act surprised when it happens? That’s what’s going on right now on ESPN2, where the NFL Schedule Show is happening.

It began at 8 p.m. (ET), but everyone pretty much knows who their teams are playing, because the schedule began leaking out on social media. So this thing was more a social media event than a TV show. Was that on purpose? Hmm.

Biggest news:

* Flex scheduling for Sunday Night Football can begin in Week 5, as opposed to Week 11 last season. The league can’t flex more than two games between Weeks 5 and 10, however. Beginning in Week 11, anything goes.

* First game of the season? Green Bay at Seattle on Sept. 4 — the rematch of the Replacement Ref End Zone Interception TD Bowl.

* Thanksgiving Day games, in order: Bears at Lions, Eagles at Cowboys, Seahawks at 49ers.

* Here’s the entire Saints schedule.

* Indianapolis at Denver in Week 1.

* 49ers to open their new stadium on Week 2 vs. Chicago.