The NFL Will Pay $765 Million In A Concussion-Related Lawsuit Settlement Without Admitting Wrongdoing

  • Eric Goldschein

roger goodell

Wow. A federal judge just announced that the NFL will resolve its lawsuits with over 4,500 former players and their families by doling out $765 million, avoiding a trial. Most of the money will go to players and families, with $85 million going to fund medical exams, concussion-related compensation and research.

Just as amazing as the settlement are the terms, which include the NFL not having to admit any liability.

From the AP:

Many former players with neurological conditions believe their problems stem from on-field concussions. The lawsuits accused the league of hiding known risks of concussions for decades to return players to games and protect its image.

The NFL has denied any wrongdoing and has insisted that safety has always been a top priority.

The settlement likely means the NFL won’t have to disclose internal files about what it knew, when, about concussion-linked brain problems. Lawyers had been eager to learn, for instance, about the workings of the league’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee, which was led for more than a decade by a rheumatologist.

A $765 million settlement isn’t a drop in the bucket, but to a company that makes over $9 billion annually, it was well worth it to avoid a highly publicized trial that would bleed into the NFL season. By getting this out of the way now, the NFL can continue to dodge questions about exactly how much they knew about concussion-related injuries — at least until this documentary drops.

It’s amazing that you’re allowed to settle with a plantiff for hundreds of millions of dollars without coping to any wrongdoing. “I’m going to give you all this money… not because I did something wrong, but because you’re a pain in the ass. How does $765 million sound? We cool?”

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